Where To Buy

If you don’t want to buy from us here, we ask that you please consider supporting some of our friends. Enjoy your Moose Rack!




Online Retailer Web: www.amazon.com

Backcountry North

Traverse City, MI  Phone: 231 941-1100 Web: www.backcountrytc.com

Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus

East Paris, MI  Phone: 616 458-1684 Web: www.billandpauls.com

Brick Wheels

Traverse City, MI  Phone: 231 947-4274 Web: www.brickwheels.com

Kayak Coral

Saline, MI Phone: 734 944-9283 Web: www.kayakcorral.com

Kayak Fishing Fever

Online Retailer, Web: www.kayakfishingfever.com

Lincoln Canoe & Kayak

Freeport, ME Phone: 207 865-0455 Web: www.paddlelincoln.com

Northbound Outfitters

Grayling, MI  Phone: 989 348-8558 Web: www.xcskishop.com


Online Retailer Web: www.rackyourboard.com 

Schulman Paddleworks

Charlevoix, MI – Phone:231 675-8542 – Web: www.schulmanpaddleworks.com


Online Retailer Web: www.storeyourboard.com